Sunday, February 6, 2011

Seeking Advice from the Mamas...

When your little 20-month old child has a stomach virus, what do you do?

I feel so bad for him! Thanks for your motherly advice:)


  1. I use warming herbal packs on his tummy and gripe water to help with the discomfort, and pedialite to keep fluids up.

    And lots of cuddle and love from mommy!

  2. Sooo sorry!!! I fix my kiddos a makeshift bed either on the couch, floor, or by the toilet (their preference). If they choose the couch or floor, I give them a little pan to throw up in if they feel they can't make it to the toilet. I keep a cool moist washcloth on the back of their little necks. It's also the only time they have free reign to drink as much sprite/ginger ale that they want.

    My 2 year old had the stomach virus when he was 19 mos... he got to the point he could tell me when he was going to throw up. I would hold him in front of the toilet until he was finished. Sometimes he wanted to be held on the couch, other times he just wanted to lay on his own. I also kept crackers on a tv tray for him. I gave him chicken broth when he tolerate it.

    Sorry for the lengthy response, but I REALLY know how hard this can be. I hope he gets better soon!!


  3. Thanks for the info and support!! I realize this too, shall pass, but it is good to get ideas from other moms. I just feel so bad because my little guy WANTS to eat but we're afraid to feed him! He is chugging pedialyte and I did give him a piece of toast this AM. I made the mistake of giving him fruit yesterday afternoon.

    He's resting now, which is good, he seems so tired. I'm just praying I don't get it, too!

    Thanks again:) Jen


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