Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Want to Make: Wall Art

When we get moved into our new house, (if the weather ever breaks so they can start building it!!) I have got to make some wall art for our bedroom and my son's! Some ideas:

made from a burlap coffee sack!
cute for a kid's room
again, for a kid. These are GREAT!
I'm not so good at painting, so maybe this is a good idea
oh, Pottery Barn, how you do inspire the masses to create!
a tree...for our room, not a kid's room!
for out little boy's room.
let my little boy create his own! fingerprints and footprints!
without a canvas. apparently you can buy the wood and stretch it yourself.
you don't have to paint for this one! just mod podge and scrapbook paper!!! I love this!!!

here's the actual blog post for the mod podge


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