Sunday, February 13, 2011

"Lost Sock" Board

My husband's comment to our five day-old son upon arrival home from the hospital, "Welcome home! The dryer has already eaten one of your socks!"
That is an example of how common single socks are at our house.

I decided to make a sock board to combat this problem! I plan to hang it in our new home's laundry room
(when the house is built!)

This is the house so far (and no, it is not the white building in the background):So, based on how far along the house isn't, planning the laundry room's colors may be premature, but I decided our laundry room is going to be pink and brown, to which my husband replied, "The laundry room is going to have a theme?"

I guess we'll have to talk about that later.

Here's my first laundry room creation!

I took a piece of wood, put some holes in it.Then I used mod podge to affix scrapbook paper to it along with scrapbook paper (and then letters spelling out "lost socks") to the front of seven clothespins. I used hot glue to attach the clothes pins to the board.

Then I went a little crazy and made a taffeta flower to 'girlify' the board even further.

I added a wide ribbon and I was all done!
Here's where I got the idea to make this craft in the first place!

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