Monday, July 2, 2012

Little Boys’ Fire Truck Shorts

My energetic three-year-old thinks firefighters are super interesting.
He actually calls them “pirepighters”.
Anyway, I had some red twill (that I got for free!) He loves when his clothes have pictures of trucks, diggers, or basketballs, so I figured I’d try something with fire trucks. boys' fire truck shorts. DIY (23)
These shorts were an instant hit.
boys' fire truck shorts. DIY (26)
I just freezer paper stenciled an itty-bitty fire truck onto some scrap fabric and stitched it to the shorts.
Here’s the back:
boys' fire truck shorts. DIY (29)

I mentioned in my baby shorts tutorial how I love detail on children’s clothing. I did a lot of extra stitching around each seam.
boys' fire truck shorts. DIY (28)
Instead of tracing my own pattern from the 2T or 3T size shorts my three-year-old wears, I used this pattern & tutorial from Dana over at MADE. I love everything she makes. 
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  1. Awesome! thanks for sharing.

  2. Very cute. I'm inspired to make some freezer paper stenciled badges myself now. What fun!!! Thanks.

  3. What a great idea to make those shorts extra special for your little fireman! I've never made stencils before but now I might try it. Great pair of shorts!


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