Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hello, Zipper Foot.

Yesterday I was working on a project (trying to make and use piping for the first time!) As I was trying to make the it using various tutorials around the web, I realized what I have always thought was my zipper foot is actually NOT a zipper foot. I don't know what it is. 

Could someone identify what type of foot is in the left hand picture? Thanks. 

But my sewing machine (which is 20 years old) came with other I sorted through them and decided the one in the right hand picture is a zipper foot. It worked way better. I don't think the piping will work where I want to use it...but at least I've enlightened myself about my sewing machine. 

I'll have less trouble the next time I want to insert a zipper. Maybe I'll use them more often!


  1. I believe it's a 1/4" seam foot, usually used for top stitching/seaming/straight stitch quilting etc. You're definitely better off with the zipper foot cuz you can put the needle right next to the zipper!

    1. Thanks for the info! I will have to use it accordingly.

      And I can't wait to sew a zipper with my new found friend, the zipper foot.

      I can't get it to stay squarely on my machine, though. It seems you can switch it to either side of the pressor foot but unless it is in the 'down' position, it wobbles.

      I just didn't know if I had it correctly attached.

    2. Mine wobbles a bit too. I don't know if it's the same on your machine, but on mine the different feet just snap on and off, but there is a bigger "foot holder" attachment that is actually screwed onto the machine. I tightened those screws a bit by hand and that helped.

      When I'm sewing a zipper it doesn't wobble cuz the foot is down, so I haven't actually had any problems with it. But yeah, it's sort of disconcerting that it moves around a bit when the foot is lifted. :-)

      Thanks for sharing at The Fun In Functional by the way!


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