Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pottery Barn Kids Knock-Offs

My dad has talent when it comes to music and woodworking. I wanted to show off his woodworking skills today with some pictures of some toys he made for my boys at Christmas.

The inspiration came from these Pottery Barn Kids toys I saw in this picture:

pottery barn knock off vehicles

Using that picture for inspiration, my dad made a few extremely cute vehicles for my boys.


These two were the ‘prototypes’. IMG_3686 IMG_3688

Then he deviated a bit from the PBK inspiration and made this enormous fire truck. My dear two-year old has a great interest in “Pirepighters” [firefighters].

dec 24 (5)

dec 25 (59) I was seriously impressed with my dad’s ability to make fun toys.

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  1. Those are great. What little boy wouldn't love those? Grandpas are awesome.


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