Friday, January 13, 2012

A Cleaning Discovery

If anyone had told me five years ago that I'd be writing a blog post about cleaning products, I'd have laughed at them.

But I just had to share that I found the very best stuff to clean my cast iron sink with.

I didn't know what a cast-iron sink was until we got one. So here's a
[really bad] picture of part of my kitchen in case you are wondering:
That picture was taken before we moved in. The counters are never that clear nor is the sink ever that empty.

Not only have I found the perfect cleanser for my sink, but I also found some stuff to clean stainless steel and my flat cook top stove.

First, the cast iron sink. I bought this powder cleaner called Bonami that promises it won't scratch. It worked better than the baking soda I had been using. I had a few scratches from pans that it took off right away. The packaging is a little retro. My husband asked if it was from the 1970's. And it only cost $1.19!!

(No, Bonami is not paying me. I wish.)

Next, the stainless steel stuff. I found this stuff called Bar Keeper's Friend next to the Bonami at the store. I had read somewhere it works well for cleaning All-Clad cookware, which we have. It was only $1, so I bought some of it, too. LOVE IT. Not so much for the All-Clad stuff (although I haven't tried it for the food surfaces yet, just the outside, wanted to research if it was food-safe first) but I used it to clean the outside of our tea kettle that was in terrible need of scrubbing. It worked so well I decided to try it on the cook top, too. (It worked better than the stuff I bought specifically for the cook top!)

Bar Keeper's Friend is not paying me to say this stuff, either. But again, feel free to contact me! Hah.

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  1. I am a total Bar Keeper's Friend fan too! It works like a charm!! No, I am not getting paid by them either. ;)


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