Monday, January 23, 2012

Car Appliqué on Backpack

When we had our little boy this summer, we were the recipients of two plain black backpacks containing free formula. We use one of them for our two-year old to carry his quiet activities to and from church each week. I thought it needed a little something special.


So I added a car appliqué. I used felt and heat and bond; here’s a brief tutorial on how to make your own iron-on appliqués.

I used a car template I printed off of the internet.


First, I bonded all my felt to the heat and bond. Place the shiny side against the fabric and fuse it. IMG_3507

I cut the large car out of blue felt. I next cut out the windows and wheels to use as separate templates. IMG_3504

I peeled each piece of the heat and bond backing off and then I fused it to the blue felt. IMG_3505

I did this for each piece. And then I added a “3” to the car. IMG_3506

To finish it all off, I peeled the heat and bond backing off of the blue felt.

Then I bonded it to the bag. IMG_3509

This technique could be used to make any type of appliqué!IMG_3511

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