Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rustic DIY Coat Rack

When my husband and I got married seven and a half years ago, we registered for wedding gifts. As we were about to get the scanner from the sales woman, she happened to ask what our home’s theme would be. Before I could open my mouth to answer, my husband responded enthusiastically, “Rustic.”


That answer was not quite what I had in mind at the time! However, as time passes, our home is slowly taking on this theme. This coat rack is an example of the “rusticness” creeping into our decor.


My husband took a rough cut piece of lumber from my dad’s shop and we put some English oil and shellac on it. I picked out some hooks from Lowe’s. For $9, we have a great looking solution for organizing purses, coats & hats in the mudroom.IMG_3583

I love it. My husband is so clever. IMG_3584

And after seven and a half years of marriage, he's got me sold on the rustic theme.

(Why are husbands even more attractive while holding a baby?)

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