Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Five Children's Books We Love: Part 3

Are you looking for some great lesser-known books to add to your home library as or ideas for Christmas gifts? I've compiled another list of some current favorite books we've tested from our local library. (See Children's Books We Love Part 1 or part 2, if you missed those posts.)  Click on each image to get more info from 

This is a cute book--on the shorter side, but the pictures and text appeal to me! 

There are a few books from this series at our library. They are longer and contain multiple stories about Oliver Pig and his younger sister, Amanda. My favorite is about their mother getting them into their snowsuits, aptly titled "Snowsuits". 

This book is very old, but I happened to pick it up at the library and ended up liking it. A longer story, it uses some great vocab words.

This book has no words but pictorially tells the hysterical story of a frog that ends up at a restaurant. Your kid can make up the words himself. We like it so much that we lost the library's copy of it and wound up paying for it. 

This book has wonderfully descriptive stories about a little girl and her younger brother. 

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