Friday, May 11, 2012

Five Children's Books We Love

I love to read to my boys. We love most of the classics, but here are a few that are maybe less known in case you're tired of The Very Hungry Caterpillar or Goodnight Moon.
For reference, my oldest is nearly three and my youngest is about 10 months. 

We just got this one for Easter and it is hysterical.

The oldest has this one memorized despite it being a gift for the little guy. They both love it.

I have this one memorized. I even made a gift for a friend based on it.

I truly love reading these stories to both kids. They've got a fun vintage feel.

My three-year-old adores every book we've read from this author. 

Check out your library or order a copy of these books! You will enjoy reading them as much as your kids do! These are also new ideas for the ever popular "Book-Theme Baby Shower" that many of my friends have had lately.

Questions for you:

What are your favorite children's books? 
Have you ever been to a book-theme baby shower? 


  1. Love this post! I will have to look into these. Both of my kids LOVE their beginner's Bible. They request stories out of it every night before bed!

  2. I love hippos go berserk! Sandra Boynton books are a hit in our house, barnyard dance and moo ba la la la are also great!

    1. We like both of those, too! The drawings and expressions on the animals' faces are hysterical.

  3. Oh my - I just got the cutest book from the library, it's called Diary of a Wombat and the illustrations are wonderful. I highly recommend it!!!

  4. Where's Wallace is the favorite of both of my kids! If you cannot guess who this is, Jennifer, it is Linda. :)

    1. That reminds me of Grandma Myers' house! That book was always there. I forgot about it!


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