Thursday, May 17, 2012

Baby’s Room: Finishing Touches

nursery decor hat rack (1)My little guys still live in totally white-walled rooms.  I haven’t even considered painting. Just seems like too big of a decision to pick a paint color. And too big of a job to move all the furniture, mask, and paint. Especially since we just moved in last August. 
So I keep making their rooms cuter by adding touches to the walls. I made the hat rack above by taking a piece of white moulding, spray painting it, and adding some hooks. Actually, my husband added the hooks when he hung it.
easy flag or bunting valence 
And to add to the bland walls, both boys have beige curtains. I love beige. But it makes things a little drab. I didn’t want to buy new curtains, so I made these pendants to hang as a valence in the littlest guy’s room. The top set is the one I shared here, and the bottom set is just some foam board I painted and strung together with ribbon. Easy.
cork board for pictures
And my dad helped me with the cork board hanging above the hat rack. He had a sample panel he’d made for a cabinet in his shop. I liked the shape, so he cut a cork board for it and I glued it on. Easy.

Edit: I've had a few comments on the hat on the hook. The green one was not made by me but I did make the bucket hat with vehicles on it. I posted about it here
Here are a few other projects I’ve made for the little guy's room...
(click on each picture to be directed to that project’s post)


  1. Your blog is great! So inspiring x

  2. Great colors and inspiration, your latest follower, Tanya :)

  3. I really love it! Its so fresh looking! My little boy's nursery has beige walls too. I blame fear of commitment mixed with laziness for the lack of wall color. Check it out if you have time. :)

  4. I love your fabric choices and color scheme! Once again, I am jealous of your skills ;)

  5. This is so darling, I love the colors you chose! Thanks for showing it off!


  6. OMG this is so cute.. :) Love the colors and the banners..


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