Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Crib Skirt Tutorial

I found a few sites with crib skirt tutorials. I made my own! It even matches our little guy's green dresser which we garbage picked late this summer.
It took some time to make but it wasn't difficult. Here's how I did it.
Note: I made this to fit a standard crib when the crib's mattress is in the lowest position, or 12" from the floor.

Dimensions of fabric needed:
-1 piece of fabric 28"x51". This is the part of the skirt that goes under the mattress. You shouldn't see it when the project is complete and installed in the crib. I actually used an old tablecloth.
-2 fabric pieces 28"x13". This leaves room @ the bottom for hemming.
-2 fabric pieces 51"x13". Ditto on the hemming.

I began with two pillowcases I bought from Target for less than $2. (They're the teal-colored.) I removed their seams to make them flat.

I used a zoo print fabric remnant I found at the store for about $2.50. I loved it but it wasn't wide enough or long enough for the dimensions needed for this project. So I added onto the sides and bottom. I miscalculated the fabric needed to get to 51" so I had to add a bit at the ends, as you can see! I ended up hemming three edges of each panel (the bottom and sides). I 'serged' the top edges. Since I don't have a serger, I used the zig zag stretch stitch my machine has. This may also be known as the triple zig zag. It worked well. Then I attached the edges that show to the middle piece that does not show. I did not sew right sides together; I just attached the edges so that 12" of the showy fabric hung down (does that make sense?) I had some problems with things not being exactly square. So this helped me avoid gaps at the bottom of the skirt.
That was it. I ironed it within an inch of its life. But it could've stood some more ironing. I love it. Now I've gotta make some painted canvases...or pillows...or sheets...something to match!


  1. Cute fabric. I've got a bunch of remnant fabrics I want to piece together for a crib skirt and curtains too. I bought a cheap ugly crib skirt at Ross for $3 that I will use as the base (like your table cloth) then will sew over the ugly fabric. I can't wait to try it after seeing yours. Yours looks very professional. I like the modern lines with the retro print.

  2. :) I can't wait to hear how yours turns out!! Thanks for the compliments:)


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