Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Toddler Yoga Skirt -A Fit Improvement

This is a technique I tried because the Yoga Skirt I posted Monday is for a friend I don't often see. Since we've moved, I can't just fix the waist if it is too big. I wanted to fix the elastic so it was adjustable (similar to some of the stores making adjustable waist pants for kids!)

Instead of making elastic with multiple button holes, I sewed multiple buttons inside the waistband and just made a loop in a piece of elastic. (here's a secret: I don't know how to do a button hole with my machine!)

Step 1: Hand stitch the loop.
Step 2: Heat seal the elastic. I used a grill lighter and this worked well!

Step 3: Hand stitch the elastic to the waistband's inside. I positioned it so that the first button is the "resting'' point, or the maximum size. I only sewed two buttons on each side. This allows for 3 different sizes. I sewed the buttons about 1" apart.

Here is a view of the 'small' size on one side.
And here is a view of both sides on the "small" size.You could use this method in store-bought clothing, too.

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