Saturday, October 30, 2010

Adding Sleeves to an Adult's Shirt

Remember the cute toddler skirt I made about a month ago? I held onto the rest of the t-shirt.
I just liked it.

So I came up with a way to use the rest of it.

I had a white t-shirt that is short-sleeved. "This could use some style," I thought.
adding sleeves to a shirt
I cut off the striped sleeves at the point where they would match up width-wise with the white sleeves. I pinned them into place. Then, I cut a piece of the neck to help add some color and fabric to the white shirt's scoop neck.
I wanted to add some sort of detail to the sleeves. I sewed two tubes, turned them, and then top stitched them.
This is how I added them. I intend to add buttons to them, too but haven't found just the right ones yet.Here is a sideways view of the shirt. I don't know why my pictures sometimes post sideways!
You may notice I had to switch out the neck piece. It wasn't even!
Then I took out the neck piece all together. It just didn't look right.
Now I have a great mid-weight fall shirt to wear!

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