Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More Yoga-Style Skirts

Here is the easiest skirt ever! This is an adult-size skirt, too, even better. It's done using the same idea as my original tutorial on yoga skirts. Start with an old t-shirt and cut the sleeves off. I cut it off below the armpits. Use the t-shirt's hem as the bottom.
Here's what you're left with. I had to add an extra panel to make it long enough. I'm a tall gal. I added the panel to the top of the t-shirt to ensure I wouldn't have to hem the finished skirt. I made the waist band out of an old tank top. It had some stretch to it. I made it 3" shorter than my waist measurement so it would fit tightly enough without elastic. Then I just attached it to the top of the panel I added (you can tell from this picture below). I added a little flower and a blue tube of fabric at the bottom for some color. I love blue.
I don't know what's with all my yoga skirt posts lately. I don't even do yoga.


  1. Cute skirt and an easu tutorial. I'll have to try to make this myself soon...once I get all the Halloween costumes done. Its never ending, is it? :)

  2. I decided I would not make my child a Halloween costume until he's old enough to ask for one! But now my husband wants to take him Trick or I might have to go back on that resolution!


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