Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Busy Bee

I have been extremely busy lately. I did have a post scheduled for today, but my pictures just aren't very good for it so I decided to preempt it to another day. I am working on discovering how my digital camera can take good pictures despite its lack of a flash (which I destroyed while I was at the beach this summer.)
I haven't even had time to get my hair cut. That's how busy I've been. Taking care of a toddler & husband, living between two homes, and renovating two bathrooms has taken just about every minute of my day. Sewing has really been my solace so I've managed to keep up with the blog! So keep tuning in.

I'll have something new tomorrow.

I've got a couple great boyish/manly ideas in the works!

(that's me)that was a few years ago. but i still look pretty much the same. i made the necklace.

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