Monday, October 18, 2010

Toddler Pants

My mom and I were out a great outlet mall the other day. I saw tons of toddler sweatpants. They were all priced at $8.50 or more. I couldn't wait to get home and try making a pair for my little guy with my own two hands. Turns out, they are so easy to make, I made two pairs.

Here is pair number one (the "car pants", as my husband calls them):

Start off with a pair of pants your child already owns to use as a pattern. I repurposed a large pair of gray sweatpants I found in the Goodwill pile.
Trace the little pants onto the big pants. Add some extra room for seam allowance on each side. Also make sure to add enough extra at the top and bottom for a hem and waistband casing!
Cut out four pieces total. (I only cut twice since I folded over the gray sweat pants. I think that makes sense.)Now is the time to do your appliques! I free-handed this car.
I printed some truck patterns off of the internet and traced them.
(To do fusible interfacing, which is easiest with knit fabrics, fuse your applique's fabric to interfacing with an iron. Then tear off the back paper. Then fuse it again with the iron directly to your article of clothing.) Stitch around your applique as desired once it is ironed into place.Now, sew the front crotch pieces of the pants together. Do the same with the back crotch pieces. Now, line up both the sewn front and back pieces. You should be able to see how the legs meet.Sew the legs together at the inseam. It is easiest to sew each leg separately from the crotch to the leg opening

Now sew up both lateral sides of the pant legs. Then go ahead and put your hems into the pant legs. Finally, make your elastic casing. Run the elastic through the top and stitch it to keep it in place. I clipped the fabric close to the seams to keep them looking neat even if they were turned inside out!

Presenting my second attempt; the truck pants!


  1. So cute & comfy looking! I have this old maternity sweatshirt that I should try this with! PS I'm now addicted to your site!


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