Friday, October 1, 2010

Sippy Cup Solution

Would you prefer your toddler's sippy cups not be tossed from the stroller and lost forever?

I would.

So I made my little guy one of these:

All I used was a long piece of ribbon (mine is probably a little too long, I'd stick with under 30") and two 8" pieces of elastic. I didn't have elastic that was very wide (probably 3/4" wide). So that's why I chose to use two pieces. If you bought wider elastic, you could go with just one piece!
To start, I folded each end of the ribbon under twice and sewed them to prevent unraveling.
Next, I put both pieces of elastic side by side and sewed a square all around the edges of the elastic.

And that was it!Haha! Outsmarted by mom.
Note: I saw this idea on another blog and they heat sealed the ribbon and elastic. I'm afraid of matches and lighters, so I skipped that step.

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