Monday, October 4, 2010

Toddler Yoga Skirt Tutorial

toddler yoga skirt #toddleryogaskirt #yogaskirttoddlersizeI wanted to make a birthday present for a good friend's little girl. I just love the idea of repurposing and wanted to do something easy (this skirt only has one seam!!) and inexpensive. So I decided to check out the pile of thrift-store headed items in my parents' basement for some inspiration.

I found these sweatpants. I wasn't thrilled. But then I found this striped t-shirt. I had my plan in mind. But first, I had to figure out what measurments are used to make size 2T clothes. I found this handy site (I just did a Google search, I'm sure there are others) with all sorts of measurments. I just needed waist and length.

I used the bottom part of one of the pant legs to make the waist. It is 22" around. I wanted to avoid hemming. I cut off 10" but ended up cutting it down to about 5" in height.
Then I cut off 10" from the bottom of the shirt. That way I could use the hem of the shirt as the bottom of the skirt to avoid sewing another hem!Next, I sewed big stitches about 1" from the top of the skirt. I used this to gather the skirt. I put some elastic inside the waistband of the skirt. Since the waist folds over, I put it on the right side of the sweatpants' fabric. I added this because I know my friend's little girl is very tall and slim. Usually, I wouldn't add elastic and the waist would have enough stretch to hold up the skirt. You could skip this step, especially if you can try it on the recipient right now. I evened out the gathering of the skirt so it matched up to the length of the waistband. Once it matched, I pinned it into place. After sewing that seam and removing the long stitches from the gathering (stitched in blue to remind me to remove them!) I could've been done!But I wanted to add a detail, so I made a flower from a strip of the remaining shirt.

This might be my favorite creation to date. I wish I could show a picture of a child wearing it (then I could make sure it fits!!!) But there's no way my handsome little guy is going to model a skirt.


  1. LOVE THIS IDEA!! I just went to the thrift store saw lots of knits :) thanks

  2. i luv it, simple for a beginner (me). and its repurposing. double luv.

  3. hope it works out well for you :)

  4. Love poor son would try it on....might not let me snap a picture though! He thought it was hilarious when I used him as my fit model for his friend's tutu!


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