Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Undergarment Alteration

Want to learn how to replace the strap on your bra to look like a tank top strap?

fix a nursing bra strap

I am a nursing mama. I nursed our oldest until he was a little over a year and am still nursing our little almost ten-month-old. I don't necessarily think nursing saves a ton of money over formula, but I like doing it and my kids have always grown fine. I think it's good for their health. And mine. But that's not why I'm writing this post! So don't click away if you're not a nursing mama! 

The point is that nursing bras are not pretty. At least, mine aren't. I like them because they fit well and they have lasted a long time. I have two of these and they have held up to daily wear over nearly two years. I especially dislike the thick straps.
I wanted to disguise them to look like a tank top strap.

I decided to replace the straps with a pink jersey piece from an old t-shirt. You could do this with any bra, not just a nursing bra. My other bras' straps don't bother me much, though. They're not as wide.

I cut two 2" strips from my t-shirt. 

I folded each strip in half and pressed. Then I opened it up and folded each side to the fold, pressed, and then folded the whole thing in half and pressed it well. Then I used a stretch stitch to sew down the middle.

I dismantled the bra but left the clip intact. I burned the ends of the elastic to heat seal it.

I attached the new strap to the heat sealed elastic with a straight stitch.

This was a big moment. I cut the binding. No turning back now.

I pinned the binding to the new strap. Then I realized I couldn't get the pins under the foot of my machine. 

To hold it in place so I could sew it all, I hand-basted the binding around the strap.

I zig-zagged all around the new binding.

Attaching the other side of the strap was easier. I just heat sealed the elastic and folded it back under the same way it had been attached to the original strap. 


If any nursing mamas are reading this, you might laugh, but I bought an entire case of Mother's Milk Tea. It helps with milk supply! 

Now that my nursing bra straps don't show when I wear tank tops, I'm all ready for summer! 


  1. So smart! I'm nursing my third now (6 months) and the straps are hideous! This is a great idea.


    1. Hope it helps you make them less hideous!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I love your blog, by the way.

  3. 1. Nursing DOES save a TON of money!

    2. Oatmeal, any kind, also increases production! Eat it every morning for a week and see what I mean! It doesn't work for all, but most.


    PS - I had that same nursing bra and scrapped it because I just couldn't stand the design and thick straps. Wish I had thought of this first!

    1. So sorry you scrapped such an expensive bra!! They are comfy. (One downfall: it has stretched a ton over the course of feeding for almost two years, if that makes you feel any better.)

  4. I so need to try this! My straps aren't that thick but they still aren't pretty and I hate when they show. Also, I need to try some of that tea or oatmeal because I am still nursing my 11 month old and my milk supply has drastically been decreasing the last two months to the point I have to supplement occasionally.

    1. Try the tea. You have to drink it about 3x/day to see it increase supply (that's why I bought the whole case!) With both of my boys, my milk supply went down a lot as they got more wiggly and active and started eating larger quantities of food.


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