Thursday, November 8, 2012

Framed Wreath with Felt Garland

We have nothing decorating the white walls of our downstairs bathroom. Nothing. I decided it was time to change that.
framed wreath with felt garland #easyfeltwreath #redwreath

My mom had this wreath form sitting unused at her house. I actually thought she was throwing it away and wanted to rescue it. It turned out it wasn’t headed for the garbage, but she did say she’d be happy to let me have it. 

I had the felt in my scrap pile. I just cut circles and sewed them together as a garland.
And the frame? I got it from my favorite thrift store for $2. It was glass-less, which was perfect for my needs. I spray painted it black with spray paint I already had.
I’m not usually crazy about wreaths. But work with what you have, right? It was an easy project to add something to the stark white walls in the bathroom. And even though it is red, I don’t think it is too Christmas-y. I’ll use it year round. But it would be a good Christmas-only project!


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