Friday, June 19, 2015

Knockoff Shorts using Coastal Craze Baggies Pattern

I love the clothing that Boden and Hanna Andersson sell and this season, I specifically liked the baggy striped shorts shown here and here by both retailers. But I can't bring myself to pay >$30 for a pair of shorts my kids might ruin. 

I up cycled some polo shirts for three of these pairs of shorts. Inexpensive and fun. 

This is my favorite pair--I love how they turned out. The stripes matched up well. I used the side seams and bottom hems of the polo shirt, so it cut down on sewing. It also made the shorts a little on the roomy side and long for my slim six year old. 

The stripes aren't perfectly matched on this pair, but it's close. 

They are quite baggy.

I did some photo housecleaning a few weeks ago and deleted the 'before' photo of the three polo shirts, (and the photo of the third pair of shorts) but I got the polo shirts for $2 each at my favorite consignment store. They were men's XL and I cut a size 6 (used the seam allowance in the shorts though, so they are probably more like a 7 or 8). 

 This is a fourth pair that I made. They are awfully wrinkly--sorry for the terrible photo (I used two old Banana Republic undershirts) but my son loves them because they look like "army" colors. They are also ultra-soft. 
Who cares about wrinkles? 

I just love this Coastal Craze Baggie pattern. 
I have made the pattern so many times at this point and was even a tester for the women's Summer Lovin' shorts, a pattern based on the kids' version. I love it and will share my women's versions soon. 
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