Monday, May 25, 2015

Coastal Craze Baggies as PJ Shorts!

I am getting used to a new computer. I now have a MAC. It's nice, but I can't use Windows LiveWriter to write blog posts. So I just haven't blogged. I've been busy, though. Lots of planting seeds and watching the grow. We put in our garden today. 

I have made some clothing, though! A lot of things. I just need to photograph them. I made some PJ shorts out of flannel for my little boy using the (affiliate link) Coastal Craze Baggies pattern from Peek-A-Boo patterns. I love this pattern. I love the pockets. My son loves the pockets. 

I have made this pattern a few times in the past. It's meant for knit fabrics, but I used flannel for these shorts (since that's what print I liked best at JoAnn fabrics). I made size 6. They look cozy. The pockets and waistband are made from an old t-shirt. 

The pattern for these shorts is very easy to follow. It's great for boys or girls and the sizes are from 3 months up to 12 years. Amazing. 

AND, there's a women's pattern in progress for these shorts! I'm so excited. 

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