Thursday, April 10, 2014

Recess Raglan for Kid’s Clothing Week Challenge #KCW

Kid’s Clothing Week. KWC. #KWC. Every time it is happening, I am too busy to sew stuff for my kids. I LOVE to look at pictures of stuff other people sew.

2014-04-09 08.04.50

So this time, I made a KCW project. I love the recess raglan pattern by See Kate Sew. I was a tester. And so now I’ve made it in three sizes. I made the 3T for my middle guy. It has a cement mixer freezer paper stenciled onto it.

2014-04-09 10.28.20

The neck may be a little big. But other than that, it fits him well.

2014-04-09 10.28.27

I used two old t-shirts. Castoffs from my brother. I love using old t-shirts. And I am making a 5T sized shirt for my oldest. I cut it out this week. Not sure that I’ll get it sewn up before the end of the #kidsclothingweek. But hey, that’s ok. My kids don't really need a million new items. We have been abundantly blessed with hand-me-downs. Especially for the oldest. The middle guy could use some shirts. I can make him a few more!

2014-04-09 10.28.58

In other news, I made an April Fool’s Day meal. I made ‘cupcakes’ out of meatloaf and frosted them with mashed potatoes. They didn’t go over so well with my boys! They were surprised. And then the oldest asked  me if I was trying to fool him with other food.

2014-03-31 16.57.11

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