Friday, March 7, 2014

Matching Recess Raglan Shirts

Last summer, I was a pattern tester for the See Kate Sew Recess Raglan shirt. I made this cute blue and gray version for the younger (now middle) bear.

I wanted to make versions for both boys. So I cut them out. And I made one for my older son. And the fabric was so hard to sew. I had to completely forgo the bottom hem.

matching yellow and gray shirts

(The picture on the right of my older son was taken way back in September. We haven’t seen green grass in ages here. Too much snow!)

So I let the smaller size sit in my linen closet, unsewn.

recess raglan  (3)

And then I got it out a week or so ago and slowly sewed it up. I didn’t bother trying to hem the bottom. And I put a soccer ball on the front.

recess raglan  (8)

And that’s my first post-baby sewing project.

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