Monday, June 3, 2013

Simple Baby Quilt Tutorial

finished chevron quilt (125)

Have I mentioned we’re expecting our third child?
Perhaps I’ve neglected to share that news.

Or maybe you noticed in my post about the pleated chevron bags last week…I am looking pregnant.
We’re very excited…right now I’m about 22 weeks into this pregnancy. Too early to nest, but I’ve been thinking about some things I’d like to make this baby.

We opted not to find out if we’re expecting a boy or a girl, the same as we’ve done with our two older boys. So anything I make has to be neutral enough for either gender. I do always guess ‘boy’, though, and so far I’ve been right! We’ll just have to wait until late September to find out….

finished chevron quilt (26)

I decided to try making a quilt. This is the first one I’ve ever made that’s a ‘real’ quilt, with binding at the edges. And let me tell you, it was easy! I can’t wait to make another (maybe just a blanket next time…) with the same technique.

I love the gray and yellow color combination. 'I’ve never gotten very into decorating either of my children’s rooms, but with this baby, I am planning a few projects to decorate the nursery. Wherever that is, we haven’t decided who will be rooming where.

To make this quilt (which measures 32" x 40"), I did 45 simple rectangles for the blocks. I cut each rectangle to 5” x 7.5".

chevron quilt tutorial (5)

I laid the blocks out so I could decide what order I wanted them in. I didn’t want any blocks of the same pattern next to each other. I drew a map of where each block was to go since I couldn’t finish the whole quilt at once.

Then I sewed them into rows (using 1/4” seam allowance). Then I sewed those strips into the offset pattern you see below (also using 1/4” seam allowance).

chevron quilt tutorial (3)

I pressed each of the seams open, as you can see below.

chevron quilt tutorial (4)

Next, I had to cut off every other block at the end of the row to make it even on each side.

chevron quilt (2)

Preparing the quilt for quilting is the next step. Keep in mind, I do not have a special machine, so I just did straight lines of stitching.

Lay the quilt out on the back fabric with wrong sides together. If you want to use batting, now is the time to add that. I skipped that step, mostly because I wasn’t sure I wanted the quilt to be too thick. I would recommend using batting and would use it if I could have a do-over!

simple quilt tutorial (8)

Carefully smooth out both layers. Starting at the middle of the quilt, place safety pins (or straight pins, I ran out of safety pins) at the center of each block, securing the quilt top to the backing (through the batting, if necessary).
   simple quilt tutorial (3)

Continue until you’ve safety pinned all the blocks into place.
simple quilt tutorial (4)

Now roll the quilt up to the middle to start quilting. I recommend using a thread color that matches the backing of the quilt. I used yellow and didn't really love the result against a navy backing.
simple quilt tutorial (5)

I started at the edge and quilted across each row first. Then I rolled it the other way (from the sides) and quilted each column. I have double and even triple stitches in some locations because I didn’t want to stop and backstitch in the middle of a row or column, but I can’t really tell unless I look at the back.
simple quilt tutorial (6)

Close-up of my stitching:

simple quilt tutorial (9)

After the quilting is done, smooth out the quilt and cut the back fabric to 2” all around.

simple quilt tutorial (10)

Fold down the edges 1/2”, press, and then over 1”. To do a meitered corner, I used this tutorial. I had to adjust the dimensions since my border is wider than the one in that tutorial, but it shows how to fold the corner into a triangle (1”) and that will start the next border side.

simple quilt tutorial (14)

simple quilt tutorial (15)

Pin everything into place and press again. Stitch the border.

simple quilt tutorial (1)

After you stitch up the border, the quilt is finished. Give it one final press and then admire it.

finished chevron quilt (8)

Or let your sweet little “baby” (who is about to become your middle child) admire it and think it is his.
finished chevron quilt (28)

Making a quilt wasn’t quite as difficult as I had thought. I’ve made blankets before, but never quilted them and then done a binding. I wish I would’ve used some batting between the layers of this quilt.

So I guess I’ll have to make another one. Someday.
finished chevron quilt (29)

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  1. For your first quilt it turned out beautifully! I love the patterns you chose and the brick style of the quilt blocks. Bravo!

  2. Super cute! I love chevron and this is a great quilt. Thanks for sharing! Check our our Pattern Party starts the 1st of each month.

    Get Your Crap Together

  3. That is pretty darn cute! I quilt is on my project list to. I love your fabric choices.

    Thanks for the helpful tips.

  4. This is so cute! I have been thinking about making a quilt for a while now but I just havent gotten up the nerve yet.

    What a lovely blog! I found you through the Someday Crafts linky party!

  5. Well that seemed pretty easy!! Love quilts and love how this turned out! Congrats on your addition!
    Thanks for linking up to Show & Share!


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