Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Projects Lately.

I haven't felt like doing much lately! I have been sewing on and off. 
We're expecting a new baby end of January/early February (hopefully not that late). I have done a few projects over the course of the past few months, but most of my time has been devoted to homeschooling my boys (we are on WEEK 9 already, the year is flying), stuff around the house (does the laundry never end?), and just trying to keep up with everyday stuff. 

I did make two new pillow covers for our couch. I don't know that the men in my house appreciate them. The front two longer pillows are new. I covered two pillows my mom had given me. My husband knows not to comment on how the fabrics don't match. I'm not sure I like them. But for now, they are fine. 

I made another varsity cowl neck pullover in size 4 for my littlest guy. The one feedback I have is that 1/2 yard of fabric was NOT ENOUGH. I couldn't get the sleeves cut out of it. Hence the navy sleeves. Fabric is from Peek-a-Boo pattern shop. The littlest guy (who just turned 3) hasn't worn it yet. He wasn't sure about it when he tried it on. 

I started this Lane Raglan awhile back but I can't wear it right now since I'm 23 weeks pregnant. It will hopefully fit someday. I tried to make a maternity version but went WAAAAY too large and it was awful. So it's in my closet of unfinished items, waiting to be cut down into something else. 

Oh, I made Christmas PJs! I decided to make them in the summer this year so they are ready for Christmas! I got two sets out of two yards of fabric. Plus up cycled red fabric for the cuffs. I self-drafted the pants. I used the free day camp t-shirt pattern for the tops, added long sleeves and then made it a size larger (with short sleeves) for my biggest boy. 

I've made some baby hats for our church to donate, too. I didn't get photos of them. I think I sewed up 9 pretty quickly with knots on top, like these: 

So there is some sewing going on, but mostly just survival, like cooking. Grocery shopping. Keeping everyone safe. Education. 

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  1. you are so talented! I love the p'j's and the fact that they are ready for Christmas. I like the pillows too!


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