Thursday, September 14, 2017

Sewing. Growing.

Haven't been doing tons of sewing lately. But here and there, I have finished some things! Mostly shorts (this pattern, of course! Affiliate link.) Coastal craze baggies for the win. 
My boys wear them as PJ shorts! They are super cute. I have made them out of t-shirts and they are very soft, plus I've used the original hem as the short's hem! I have lengthened them into pants, too. I've eliminated the pockets on these PJ shorts. They dry more quickly that way in the dryer!

Growing food! I've been gardening quite a bit this summer. I've done lettuce all season long on the deck and now we are getting ready to harvest some bok choy (chinese cabbage). So excited. 

I made this shirt over the summer. Honestly, the shirt isn't a favorite. I tried the free pattern from Blank Slate Patterns called the Blanc T. It's ok. I had to scoop out the neck. 

I've made a few other things but haven't photographed them. There isn't much time with homeschooling and just taking care of 4 boys! 

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