Friday, February 27, 2015

Fox Hat and Blankets.

First up: a fox hat I made! It matches a blanket I made to donate to a local hospital.
This hat was made using my pattern which is available in my etsy shop.
fox hat and blanket

Speaking of blankets, I made a stack of simple blankets which my church will donate to a local hospital. My boys picked out two of the prints shown below. (It made the trip to JoAnn fabric more fun for them!)

flannel blankets

I made this matching hat for one of the blankets.
colorblock purple hat

I made this hat to match the fox blanket. colorblock pink and orange hat

I made this hat for a friend’s little girl. Her 4th birthday was last week. It matches two hats I made for her sisters.

purple hat with flower

I really love making hats for kids.

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