Thursday, February 5, 2015

KCW: Upcycled Red Polo Shirt

red polo shirt upcycle

I could spend hours upcycling clothing. And admiring the upcycled projects of others. (Check out my archives of repurposed clothing and other items.)

Yesterday, I was inspired by the polo shirt recycle found here.

And I remembered a special polo shirt in my stash of clothing to upcycle or repurpose. This polo shirt was my dad’s, give to him by my husband with the logo of the company where my husband used to work.

repurposed polo shirt

So I cut apart the shirt carefully, along the seams, to preserve as much of the fabric to use as possible. I used the pattern I had used here for the body and sleeves sleeves. I retained the neck and placket (so it is a little big for the scale of the shirt on a 5.5 year old considering it was a men’s XL…) resized polo shirt

But the shirt is pretty cute. It only took me about an hour to sew up and hem. My husband was mildly impressed with it!

kid's clothes week

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