Friday, May 20, 2016

Short Sleeved Lane Raglan and Double Needle Discussion

I am still finishing up a few Lane Raglan shirts. I have mentioned before that I really love this pattern. 

I purchased both the striped and the gold dot fabric at Hobby Lobby. I had a small amount of the gold dot fabric left after making this Lane Raglan. 

For this short sleeved version of the Lane Raglan, I fought with my double needle to stitch the hems and the neckline. I don't know why that tool is so hard for me to use. It starts out great, but as I continue, it gets stuck and sometimes one of the threads break. I used wooly nylon thread for the bobbin this time. I thought it would help, but it didn't really correct my problems. 

I forced it to finish off the neckline. I almost lost this battle. 

I made the extra small size with 1.5" added to the length of the shirt. I cut the sleeves off twice before I liked the length. I made the curved hem, too. Love this pattern. 

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