Monday, July 25, 2016

Self-Drafted 'Drapey' Gathered-Front Top with Curved Hem

I ordered the July KnitFix from Girl Charlee. I received six fun fabrics, several of which I like very much and can't settle on what to do with. (Guess I should show a photo.) I was happy with the assortment and they sent me two fabrics I had requested specifically, based on their promo photos! 

This was one of the surprise fabrics that wasn't my absolute favorite--it isn't something I would have ever chosen for myself. But that made it easy to cut into and make a self-drafted shirt that actually fits! 

Plus, I ended up liking the fabric very much once I got used to it. 

I have a black shirt from Target that I've had for years and I love the drape and fit of it. So I used it to cut around and create this shirt. 

The shirt has attached sleeves, not set-in. So it is just two pieces, plus a neckband. 
I had to "trial-and-error" several times to get it to the right width and length. I wanted it to be a little bit drape-y and then cut a curved hem. 

I am glad the hem is long in front and back, I dislike when my shirts hit above this. I sort of eyed-up the length and didn't measure. Next time, I will measure. 

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