Friday, July 22, 2016

Yoked Day Camp T-Shirt

I made this shirt for my 5 year-old's birthday. I had ordered this Organic Birch Bear Fabric from Peek-A-Boo pattern shop, but I only ordered 1/2 yard. It wasn't quite enough to make the front of the shirt. So I hacked the free Day Camp T-Shirt pattern to add a yoked front. 

I also made the pattern longer. The yoked front just involved slicing the pattern at the point I wanted and adding 1/2" of seam allowance to both pieces. The back is solid navy from Girl Charlee fabrics.

I made these super cute boxer briefs with the free pattern from Shwin and Shwin. I lengthened the legs and added a bit to the rise for my growing oldest son. 

The red fabric is left over from the PJ shirt I made him and was from Peek-a-Boo Pattern shop. The fabric is perfect for underwear. I made a few other pairs of boxer briefs from this pattern, but this is the pair that turned out the very best. I think fabric choice is rather important and am still learning quite a bit about when to use spandex lycra, when to use jersey knit (not as much stretch), and when to use something with rayon. 

I thought I hated sewing with rayon fabrics, but I just ordered my very first KnitFix from Girl Charlee and I was happy that some of the fabrics have rayon. I have some ideas. I've been sewing a lot for myself but have yet to get photos of some items. Now I have my eye on this fabric from Girl Charlee. The drawback is that I'm not sure how to use rayon blend fabrics for winter sewing. 

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