Thursday, May 5, 2011

A New Technique least it is a new technique to me!

Carbon paper just made my newest project a whole lot easier. I printed some images off of the computer to use for a project for my little boy. I wanted to transfer them to another
paper. I don't have a $200 Silhouette cutter the way so many crafty people do, so I thought I'd have to cut them out carefully and then trace them.

And then my dad suggested using carbon paper. He doesn't know if it is even sold in stores anymore, but he has a stash in his basement for projects in his wood shop. He said it used to be sold for 10 cents a box. Talk about a frugal solution!

I had never used carbon paper. It saved me so much time!

Here's how you can use it to trace images you've printed from the internet.

1. Sandwich the carbon paper between the image and the blank paper (or fabric) you'd like to transfer the image onto.
2. Take a sharp writing implement and trace around all the lines on your image. Try to pick up the pen/pencil as little and don't move the carbon or the image until you're all finished tracing.

3. Check your work! Now you can paint it.
What do you think? Was I just having a blonde moment or is carbon paper news to you, too?

I'm about to embark on this new project. Stay tuned to see how it turns out. It might take me awhile.

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  1. Not news to me. I was a secretary many, many years ago! This is a nice reminder about it, though. I also do not have a Silhouette and have been trying to figure out how to copy some of the ideas I've seen lately. Thanks!


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