Friday, May 27, 2011

Toddler Shorts Repurposed from Men's Shorts

I love to make things for my little boy. I wanted to make him some plaid shorts for the summer with a slight patriotic theme (since it is Memorial Day!)

Here's a preview:

I decided to buy a pair of used shorts from the thrift store. They had a missing button. I should've asked for a discount, but didn't. I paid $5. A little steep? Maybe.

Anyway, I used the pattern for flat front pants from MADE. (And I didn't do a whole tutorial, just a few highlight pictures from the process. So visit Dana's site if you want the whole scoop!)

I cut these so I could use the existing bottom hem for the new shorts' bottom hem:
Keep in mind that the front and back of shorts and pants should be a little different, even for kids. One exception is that usually newborn pants can be made with the same pattern for front and back.

Sew the crotch seams up to the waistband. Don't sew down the legs yet!

To sew down the legs, you'll attach the front and back pieces. (No picture for this).

This is what the elastic casing will look like:

Since I did the flat front version, there is no elastic in the front of the shorts.

Trying to get a good picture of my child is difficult. Even with a graham cracker bribe.

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