Monday, October 10, 2011

Repurposed Zipper Pouch with Bunting Tutorial

Here’s a really easy tutorial for making a cute two-tone zippered pouch with a bunting embellishment!
zippered pouch with bunting tutorial

zippered pouch with bunting tutorial

Supplies: 8” zipper (I used one I picked out of an old pair of pants)
Two pieces of fabric 9” x 6” (the tan colored pieces below)
Two pieces of fabric 9” x 2.5” (the denim pieces)
Two pieces of fabric for the lining, 9” x 7”
Scraps of fabric for the flags
Interesting fact: I used all repurposed fabrics (lining is a t-shirt, the tan fabric is from a pair of pants, and the denim is from jeans!)
To make the bunting, sew a curved, swooping line using a running stitch onto one of the tan fabric pieces. Set the flag pieces on the line to make sure they all fit.
Next, sew the flags onto the line. I didn’t try to follow the exact original line. I think that makes it more fun.IMG_2766
Next, sew around each flag a few times.
IMG_2767 IMG_2768
After you’ve attached each flag, place the denim piece with right sides together at the bottom edge of the tan fabric and sew that into place.
Open that up, press the seam flat, and then add a line of running stitches for top stitching. IMG_2770
To assemble the pouch, place the zipper right sides together with one piece of the outer fabric, aligning it with the top edge of the tan fabric. Align one of the lining pieces with this top edge and pin in place. Using your zipper foot, sew this into place making sure to catch all three layers.
Check your work to make sure you didn’t miss the zipper of the lining! IMG_2772
Repeat with the other side of the pouch and lining.
Now, open the whole thing up and align the edges of the outer fabric and the edges of the lining. IMG_2774
Pin it all in place. Sew around the whole thing, leaving a gap for turning in the bottom of the lining.
IMG_2775 Trim the edges, clip the corners, and turn the whole thing through the gap you left in the pouch’s lining. Push the corners out with a pencil so they are crisp. Stitch up the gap in the lining and the pouch is finished! IMG_2780 bunting zippered pouch

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