Friday, October 14, 2011

Improvements to the Zipper Pouch Tutorial

I wasn’t completely happy with my zipper pouch. I made some more, with a few improvements.


Improvement #1: Attaching the fabric one piece at a time to the zipper. I attached the outer fabric first.


Then I attached the lining fabric. This ensures you won’t miss either fabric and leave a hole.


Improvement #2: Press both fabrics after sewing them onto the zipper.

Improvement #3: Open the zipper before sewing the side seams. This makes it much easier to turn!


Improvement #4: Add gussets. This makes the pouch stand up. Here is one with 1” gussets. IMG_2814 IMG_2816

This one has 2” gussets. That made the bottom denim stripe stay on the bottom of the bag. IMG_2818 IMG_2820IMG_2819

Hope these minor improvements help you enjoy your zipper pouches even more!


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