Monday, February 6, 2012

Bunting Picture Frame

More wall art. Just what we need! I made this super cute bunting picture frame for my little guy's room.

I found an empty frame in my dad's basement and wanted to use it.
(He had made it as a prototype and it was not in use, so I lucked out.)

Instead of adding glass to make it a traditional frame, I decided to do something a little more three dimensional.

I took some cardstock and made flags of various sizes. I also used a brown paper bag for flags, too.


I took some ric rac (it is from Beautiful Additions, a great Etsy shop!) and stitched the paper flags onto it. I didn't worry too much about having 'perfect' stitches.

Sewing with paper is something that I’ve found to be cute and decorative. You could use glue instead.

To attach the strings of flags, I just used a regular desk stapler. The frame is made of pine which is a soft wood. The staples went into it easily.


It was ready to hang on the wall. I added a hanger with some teeth and didn't even use a wall anchor. (It isn't very heavy since there's no glass.)

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