Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Displaying & Organizing Greeting Cards

I love getting cards in the mail. However, they can be a disaster to display if you have too many. A display dilemma we experienced this year at Christmas was that many of then cards we received were picture cards that didn’t stand up.

This was my solution: IMG_3653I hung a length of t-shirt yarn (I used that because I didn’t have any regular string!) and used clothespins to secure each card to the length of yarn. I secured the t-shirt yarn to the bottom of my cabinets using tumb tacks. IMG_3652

After a holiday/birthday is over, what do you do with your cards? I used to put them into a shoebox. But this year, I decided to punch holes into all our cards and make a book. IMG_4203 My little boy loves looking at his birthday cards. IMG_4204This allows us to enjoy them more easily than we would if they’re in a shoe box! I’ve also started saving birth announcements from friends this way.

My son especially loves looking at Elmo.IMG_4205


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