Monday, March 11, 2013

How to Insert Magnetic Snaps

magnetic snap tutorial
I love making bags. But they have to close. I’ve found that magnetic snaps are my favorite closure to add to a bag. They look cleaner than velcro, don’t snag things, last longer, and look better than a zipper.

While making these bags for a friend’s wedding last year, I panicked at the thought of sewing one in. But I learned not to be afraid of using them. They’re easy.

You’ll need four pieces per snap. (I order my snaps from Etsy seller PurseSuppliesRUS. They offered free shipping. It got here fast. And no, they’re not paying me to say that.)
parts of a magnetic snap

Mark where you want the snap to be placed. I mark on the right side of the fabric, but probably is a better idea to use the wrong side. I’ve never had a problem.
magnetic snap (4)

You’re going to make two buttonholes per snap side. This prevents the fabric from fraying around the snap. Before you make the buttonholes, fuse a small scrap of interfacing behind where the snap will be. This will prevent the snap from ripping through. I usually use two small scraps plus the layer of interfacing from the bag’s lining. 
magnetic snap (3)

Next, get your machine set to make a few buttonholes. I used to make buttonholes with a special foot but then discovered it was easier just to use a narrow and short zig-zag stitch. Here is how I set my machine to do the buttonholes for the snaps:
magnetic snap (6)

I tested all the different lengths and widths (below). The bottom right is the final length and width.
magnetic snap (7)

Make the buttonhole around one of the lines you marked.
magnetic snap (8)

Make your second buttonhole.
  buttonholes for magnetic snaps

Next, open the buttonholes using a seam ripper. (Watch your fingers. I’ve drawn blood more than once using this technique. You don’t want to bleed on your fabric!)magnetic snaps #tips #snaps

Now you can poke one half of the snap through the buttonholes you made.
magnetic snap (11)

This is what the back should look like.
  make tiny buttonholes for magnetic snaps #tips #snaps

Slide the flat part of the snap onto the arms of the snap. magnetic snap (13)

Bend the arms of the snap out. You can use needle-nose pliers for this, but make sure not to scratch the snap with them (cover it with a fabric scrap)
magnetic snap (14)

Repeat all the steps for the opposite side, make sure to use the opposite magnet, and you’ve got your snap securely installed!
 magnetic snap (16)
magnetic snap (18)

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