Monday, March 25, 2013

Teach Your Child at Home: Part 5

We’re still having snow and cold, windy weather here. That means I’ve been trying to think of lots of activities to keep my kiddos busy. Here are three we did this week.
1. Color sorting. I purchased these colorful pom poms at the dollar store. They are fun to organize by color into ice cube trays.

For added interest, let your child use tongs to sort them! IMG_9822IMG_9823
2. Pipe cleaners and colanders. Let your child put pipe cleaners into the small holes or a colander. (This idea is not original to me, I have seen it elsewhere online.)

3. Letter pounding. This was a big hit with my oldest. He is learning letters, we’re working on recognition but we have also started learning the sounds. You’ll need a big sheet of styrafoam, a golf tee, and a toy hammer. I don’t recommend using this on your best wood table. (We moved to his plastic table.) IMG_9827
I dictated either a letter, a sound, or a word that started with that letter and he would pound through the correct letter with a golf tee and hammer.

This did get a little messy, but nothing the vacuum couldn’t handle. I have to give credit to this site for this great idea.

Do you have any educational or fun suggestions for indoor play ideas?

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