Monday, April 22, 2013

Even More Crocheted Hats.

flower and bear crochet hats

Until the past week or so, it was still cold here. So I was still crocheting.

Some of these hats are to donate and others are for sale or have been sold.

These next two owl hats were made from a pattern from this site. I like how they turned out.
baby boy owl hat (5)

aqua and gray owl hat

Here are two more sleepy baby girl owl hats.  I wonder if something besides owl hats will be popular next fall?
  pink and green owl hat (6)
purple newborn hat (5)

And here’s a striped bow hat. I just love the soft pink and gray together.
baby girl bow hat (2)

Now that it has gotten warmer, I’m not sure I’ll crochet as much.
If you crochet, what do you like to make during warmer months?

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