Monday, April 1, 2013

Little Pink Pig Hat: Free Crochet Pattern

I’ve been doing a  lot of crocheting lately. (See here, here, here and here.) But I’ve never developed my own pattern. Until now. I saw this hat and just had to develop a pattern to make a similar one. I figured I would try to write a crochet pattern to share with any of you who also crochet.
pink pig hat for baby
And these pig hats turned out just as I’d hoped. The ribbons add a lot in the way of ‘cuteness’ factor.  Obviously, they’re just intended for little girls; as a mom of two boys, I’d never put a pink pig hat on my boys.

  light pink pig hat

So here’s the pattern.
Use size G hook and worsted-weight yarn.
(I used the brand Hobby Lobby sells called I Love this Yarn.)

For the hat:
Round 1: Chain 3. 12 DC in last chain from hook, sl st in top of first DC (12 dc)
Round 2: Ch 2. 2 DC in each DC, sl st in top of first DC. (picture below) (24 dc) how to join each round
Round 3: Ch 2. (2 DC in next DC, DC in next DC) around. Sl st in top of first DC (36 DC)
Round 4-10: Ch 2. DC in each DC around. Sl st in top of first DC (36 DC).
Finish off. Weave in end.

Pig Ears (make 2).
Row 1: Leave a 9-12” long tail to attach ear. Ch 6. Turn.
Row 2: SC in 2nd ch from hook and next 4, ch 1, turn (5 sc)
Row 3: Sc Across, ch 1, turn (5 sc)
Row 4: Sc inc, sc next 4, sc inc, ch 1, turn (7 sc)
Rows 5-7: SC across, ch 1, turn (7 sc)
Row 8: SC dec, sc next 3, sc dec, ch 1, turn (5 sc)
Row 9: sc across, ch 1, turn (5 sc)
Row 10: sc dec, sc next, sc decrease, ch 1, turn (3 sc)
Row 11: sc (1 sc)
SC around the whole pig ear and join. Weave in that end. Sew onto hat using the beginning tail. Repeat for other ear.

Round 1: Ch 3. 9 DC into third chain from hook. Sl st into first DC (not the chain 2, refer to picture above).
Round 2: Ch 1, HDC in same stitch. 2 HCD in each stitch around.
Round 3: Ch 1, HDC in same stitch. (HCD in next, 2 HDC in next) around.
Round 4: Ch 1, HDC in same stitch (HDC in next 2, 2 HDC in next) around. Fasten off. Weave in end.
Sew two big ‘X’ shapes in middle of snout with contrasting yarn and then use that same color to attach the snout to the hat.
Attach bows and buttons as desired to the ears on the hat (I used clear thread to attach them and wove the ends into the ears.)

dark pink pig hat

Don’t know how to crochet? 
Both of these hats pictured in this tutorial are for sale. The light pink one is a newborn size and the darker pink one is size 3-6 months. Email me at if you’re interested in purchasing one.

Also, check out the other hats I have on Facebook. Any hat can be custom ordered in any size. Again, email me at for pricing and shipping information.

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  1. Oh my goodness, those are just adorable! I have to share this with a friend who crochets! Those would make such a fun baby gift. Thanks for linking up at Project Inspire{d}!

  2. Oh, this is beyond precious!!!! I don't crochet, but I absolutely love this!

    1. well, if you ever want to learn, check out YouTube videos for beginning basic crochet stitches.

  3. So cute! Would also make a great 'easy' halloween costume with a pink onesie (I'm kind of a lazy mom in that area). Thankfully I recently learned how to crochet!

    1. I thought of that idea, too (Halloween!) I'm also not *SO* into making elaborate Halloween costumes!

  4. Oh my gosh that is so adorable!!! I've been crocheting like crazy lately so many cute things for my bub due in September and this is definately going on my list! I'm now following your blog... nothing I love more than finding fellow crochet enthusiasts :)
    Happy Hookin' on a Hump Day!

  5. Is this pattern for a NB!? I want to crochet one for my 18 mon and 3.5 yr old daughters! How much would you increase it! I crochet, but I'm not really experienced and was curious what you would suggest!
    Thanks in advance!

    1. something i did, cuz i like the way she did her ears is i use the beanie portion of the pattern from <--there. i like the way the nose and ears are. i mix patterns a lot.

    2. this is a NB pattern. I would add an extra row to the bottom and then to increase width, in round 4 try doing 2 DC and then (1 DC in next 3 DC) around.

    3. How big does that end up increasing it to? I'm trying to make one for a baby with a 16" head (oh, an aviator hat that is) and I'm not quite sure how to get it big enough to fit but still have room to grow. I love the pattern, by the way!

  6. LOVE it. There are a few errors in the ears, but it's TOO cute!

    I posted my finished project to rav :)


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