Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Crafts for Kids: Felt Masks

We saw a picture of kids wearing felt masks as part of a party theme spread in a magazine. That made my almost-four-year-old little guy want to make a mask. Usually he’s not so excited about crafts. So I figured I’d better jump on this opportunity to craft with him. felt mask (2)

I started with a $.25 yellow felt rectangle (his favorite color). I had made a pattern from paper before I began cutting so I'd know roughly how large to make the mask and where the eyes and nose should be.
felt mask (5)

Then I just let him decorate the mask with a ton of foam stickers we already had (I found them at the dollar store).
felt mask (3)

To finish it off, I stapled elastic to the sides! You could sew it, but he was in the mood to complete the craft fast. So stapling fit our needs.
  felt mask (1)

This little guy just played with the foam stickers the whole time. I made him a mask, but he wasn’t so sure he wanted his picture taken while wearing it.
felt mask (4)

I found my little guy wearing the mask with his fireman jacket (from Halloween). So I guess he likes it.

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