Wednesday, August 21, 2013

{More} Activities for Toddlers & Pre-Schoolers

Here are a few more activities my two busy boys enjoyed. All three utilize items from around the house. These ideas sort of go along with the “Teach Your Child at Home” posts I’ve shared a few times.
1. Toothpicks into spice containers. This was really more for the benefit of the 2 year-old than the 4 year-old, but they both became rather possessive of their spice containers.
toothpick activity (1)

2. DIY xylophone. Fill glasses with varying amounts of water. Color with food coloring (or let your child do this). Use mallets for ‘dinging’ each glass. I do admit this activities is risky, but my kids were careful and no glasses were broken!

water xylophone (2)

3. Painting with water. These guys love to work. (They pretend to mow the lawn every day.) They loved smearing water all over the deck with paintbrushes. painting with water

Hope that gives you a few ideas to keep your kids busy, entertained, and out of trouble.

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  1. Love your ideas! Such a great variety of activities to teach and at the same time,to keep little fingers busy.


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