Monday, September 30, 2013

It’s a ….

BOY! So this sweet little face is why I won’t be doing much sewing or crafting for awhile. I’ve got nursing, VBACs, and baby schedules on the brain instead of DIY projects. I do have a few in mind for my husband to do around the house (though I totally am not expecting him to do them soon! He needs to rest, too!)
Sept 24 (14)

His name is Joel and he was born last Sunday, several days before his due date at 8# 5 ounces.

Our older boys love him. They are so curious about him, what he's doing, telling him to "look at me, Joel!" I think it is because he sleeps most of the day…so he’s still ‘new’ when they see him. And they always want to hold him. Our two year-old will sit down on the floor, hold out his arms and say, “Can I has Joel?” And our four year-old insists on calling him “Baby Joel” all the time. He also likes to hold him.

sept 25 (5)

The first two nights home were ROUGH. Joel’s days and nights were mixed up and he thought he should only sleep while Greg or I were holding him and not in his crib. But last night was very good. He was up every three hours to eat. He likes his swing (not on, just to sit in) so I let him sleep for a few hours last night in that. And that got us over four hours of sleep in a row into this morning.

Even though I'm more tired this time (my labor started in the middle of one night and I didn't have him til nearly midnight the next...not sleeping for those two nights combined plus for two nights when we got home) and all that would normally make me more grouchy than usual. But I am enjoying cuddling the little guy more than ever, even at 3 am. And I'm so thankful for three healthy boys.

As we were heading to the hospital:
Sept 22 (2)

Many hours later:
Sept 22 (12)

Maybe somedayI’ll write about my birth story. I’ve had two VBAC deliveries and one C-section (with our oldest son), so it’s a little unique.


  1. Awwwwwww He is Gorgeous. Congratulations to you all.

  2. congratulations! boys have been a blessing in our house as well. i pray that you will be able to heal well, and catch up on sleep soon. it will help that you are fit. :) (and if you ever choose to share your story, i look forward to reading it... as i had all 4 of mine via c-section.... my hopes of a VBAC never came to fruition. like you said, though, all are healthy- hurrah!)

    1. My doctor and hospital are awesome and they truly made all the difference when planning for a VBAC. Interestingly, they don't do many VBACs, i was the only one they can remember except for an unintentional one in recent memory. Unfortunately, they are closing the maternity unit next WEEK, so if we have more babies, it won't be at that hospital, though it hopefully would be w/ that doctor.

  3. Congratulations!!! So sweet!!!


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