Friday, October 4, 2013

Breastfeeding Essentials.

I'm tired. This little guy sleeps great during the day. And he's slowwwwly improving at night! He's 11 days old now.

He started off at 8 pounds 5 ounces and at four days old weighed 8 pounds. Not a big weight loss; all babies lose some weight. They have fluid that is excreted plus if they're breastfed, mom's milk doesn't come in for a few days. They don't consume much fluid, but the colostrum that they do eat is important and more than enough to keep their ping-pong ball-sized stomachs happy. Happy enough, anyway.

Today, I took him back to the doctor and he'd gained an entire pound in a week. So now he weighs 9 pounds! You don't need a lot of stuff to breastfeed successfully. And I love just being able to get up at night and feed him, not go to the kitchen and make a bottle. I mean, who holds the shrieking child when you need both hands to make the bottle? Here are a few things I have found are really helpful for me as a nursing mommy.

My favorite nursing pillow.
nursing pillow has made a huge difference in the positioning of the baby. You can cinch it up to keep the baby high enough (especially if you're tall, the Boppy brand pillows don't cut it and they get squashed down after much use). This pillow is made of foam and doesn't compress the way the Boppy does. It's great. Avoid sore nipples by making sure the baby is at the correct height. Seriously. Makes all the difference.  

My hand pump.
This may not look like much. It's a Medela Lactina Piston Cylinder Assembly #8007190
But it attaches to a Medela breast pump flange to allow you to pump anywhere. It's not hard to use and it's especially great if you're short on space, time, or have no electrical outlet. It's fast, too. I wish I hadn't bought the electric pump because I could just use this. I've even used it one handed while driving with one hand. I don't recommend that for safety reasons, but it's the truth. I truly think this works better than my double electric pump.

Quality prenatal vitamins proved to make a big difference in how I felt during pregnancy regarding restless leg syndrome and my iron levels. This brand Professional PreNatal - 180 - Tablet
was recommended by one website. I took another brand (GNC Womens Prenatal Formula with Iron
) for awhile and thought they were helpful. 

Most of us have vitamin D deficiency. I've been taking Vitamin D supplements for the last few months of pregnancy and will continue while nursing.
It's good for both me and my little Joel. I've been taking Nordic Naturals - Vitamin D-3, 1000 IU, 120 softgels

Fish oil. Another supplement I think all pregnant and nursing mothers should take.

Most of all? Don't quit nursing if you don't want to. If your baby loses weight and your pediatrician says you have to supplement with formula, find a La Leche League helper or a lactation consultant to assess and correct any problems. I had to work really hard to get my first child on track regarding weight and feeding, but it was worth it. Once I learned to breastfeed, I've not had problems with my two subsequent babies. I love breastfeeding. You could, too. 

***This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own; I am receiving no compensation to mention any product. I also am not a health professional and am only offering my opinion based on my own research regarding supplements and vitamins.***

Hopefully this all makes sense. I'm pretty tired. 


  1. >>. I mean, who holds the shrieking child when you need both hands to make the bottle?<<

    My Husband and I took turns making the bottles, it worked out great!

    So glad breast feeding is going well for you! :)

    1. Glad that worked for you! I've also heard you can make a bunch at the beginning of the day and warm them as you need them, too.


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