Monday, October 14, 2013

What I’m reading lately.

I haven’t cooked more than two nights in the past three weeks. And by cooked, I mean ‘coordinated dinner’.  From the freezer or maybe made a salad.

It’s great. But no recipes to recommend at the moment. I haven’t made any food.

I said I wouldn’t take any custom crochet orders for awhile. Well, I had some requests and took a few. So I’m trying to finish them. But it’s hard to crochet when you’re holding your newborn in one arm and playing football with the other (mommy of three boys now.)

And it’s hard to sew when you’re either outside overseeing some ‘landscaping improvements’ the older boys are making to the driveway or finding their work gloves that they can’t find. Also when it takes two hours to put the newborn to bed every night. And that’s past my new bedtime.

But I wouldn’t really want it any other way. I don’t really have a major desire to sew right now anyway. Post-partum hormones, right?

But here are a few new [to me] blogs I’ve been reading lately (while sitting reading my iPod and breastfeeding Mr. Newborn):

My Life and Kids (hysterical)

Ob/gyn Kenobi (what can I say? I just had a baby, so reading about birth stories and OB horror patients is interesting…)

The Matt Walsh Blog (his post on what stay at home moms DO every day made me interested in following his blog…)

So. What blogs do you recommend?

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