Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Household Management Strategies.

What have I been doing lately to better manage our household?
(and when I say "manage our household" I mean get everything done and enjoy life during this adjustment to three boys....)

-To save a few minutes of laundry time, I’ve been washing all the towels and then just hanging them back up. No need to bother with folding and trying to put them away.

-I quit making my own bread for awhile. I broke down and bought it. I’d been making it like crazy using my mixer prior to having our baby and had lots in the freezer. Well, I’ve run out of the freezer supplies, but I give up for awhile.

-We moved our two older boys out of their shared room (they’d only been sharing since August or so…) and back to their own rooms. It was just not working out. They’re sleeping better both at night (no more talking among themselves until 10 pm…) and they’re sleeping better in the mornings. It’s been dark since we haven’t had “fall back” yet and they’re sleeping til 7:30 and sometimes 8. Unheard of for our children. So I’m getting a little more sleep in the morning. And when one wakes up before the other, he is quiet. No more throwing stuffed animals back and forth.

-I’m running the dishwasher every day instead of cramming it completely full over the course of 1.7 days. This means the dishes get cleaner (less that I have to throw back!) and I can unload it faster. Hopefully before my two-year old notices I have it open and tries to climb into it.

-Trying to fully complete at least one load of laundry per day.

-I stopped saving ‘garbage’. Meaning that every time we finish a food item that comes in a plastic container, I throw it away or recycle it instead of washing it, drying it on the counter for several days and then stacking it in the pantry to save it after I think of a way to repurpose it. (My time for repurposing will come again, but for now, this simplifies my life. And my countertops. And my pantry.)

And our littlest addition is just over five weeks old. That’s gone fast! He’s gained nearly three pounds in five weeks. And grown 3” (but I’m not sure that’s possible, leaving me to wonder if he was measured correctly at birth. Oh, well.)

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